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The energy industry fuels the economy of the 21st century. These innovations are essential for an evolving society, but cyber attacks continue to pose a challenge to securing critical infrastructure. At IronNet, we work closely with energy utilities, oil, and gas companies as well as governments to ensure cyber resilience against threats.

Defending Critical Infrastructure

Nation states are increasingly using cyber attacks as an element of national power. Cyber capabilities targeting the energy industry often are by well-funded and determined adversaries with broader geopolitical, economic, or military goals. Defending against these threats require a collective approach, one where industry peers and their public sector counterparts work together to better combat these threats. IronNet solutions help public-private organizations in the energy and utilities sector detect threats in their networks and share threat insight as they are discovered, enhancing the defensive ability of all members. This is why IronNet is the top solution for a number of the largest energy and utilities company in the US.

5 out of 10 largest US utilities serving more than
30 million customers use IronNet

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U.S. Officials Push New Penalties for Hackers of Electrical Grid

Our CEO, Gen. (Ret.) Keith Alexander quoted in WSJ on his testimony to the House Armed Services Committee that it was ridiculous to expect companies to defend against state-sponsored hacking teams alone and that critical infrastructure companies needed to collectively defend against the threat.

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