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Defining collective defense
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At IronNet, we help companies, sectors and nations defend against advanced cyber threats with behavior-based network traffic analysis and a collective approach to threat detection.

We believe the best solution to a collective offense is a collective defense.

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What We Do

Advanced Threat Detection for
Enterprise and Cloud Networks

We combine the tradecraft knowledge of the best offensive and defensive cyber operators in the world with a team of world-class mathematicians and data scientists to engineer analytical solutions that empower industry peers and governments to individually and collectively defend against advanced threats.

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IronDefense is IronNet’s massively scalable Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) platform that leverages advanced behavioral analysis and integrated hunt to detect cyber threats capable of evading traditional cyber security tools.

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IronDome is a real-time, machine-speed threat sharing solution that empowers enterprises, industries, and governments to collectively defend against cyber threats targeting their industry by connecting IronDefense instances to deliver the industry’s first automated collective defense system.


& Utilities

The energy industry fuels the economy of the 21st century. At IronNet, we work closely with energy utilities, oil, and gas companies as well as governments to ensure resilience against cyber attacks.


The financial services sector remains one of the most highly targeted industries by nation-states and cyber criminals. We work with clients to detect potential threats in their networks and minimize third-party cyber risk across their ecosystems of partners.

Healthcare &
Life Sciences

Cyber threats are a major risk issue for the healthcare and life sciences industry. IronNet works with enterprises to safeguard patient privacy, intellectual property, and delivery of care.

Defense Industry

The U.S. Defense Industrial Base (DIB)consists of over 100,000 companies across numerous domestic and foreign entities. IronNet works with DIB enterprises to secure our clients’ networks and defend complex supply chains from advanced attacks.


Cyber attacks on U.S. and allied governments pose grave risks to each nation’s economic and political stability. At IronNet, we work collaboratively with government security operations centers (SOCs) to identify and expel adversaries.

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Stronger As One

The Case for Collective Defense

Organizations are on pace to spend more than $120B in 2019 on cybersecurity, yet industries continue to experience more cybersecurity breaches and incidents than ever before. Collective Defense is a different approach to cyber security, but it is a necessary and worthwhile effort — one that will protect your own company and help secure your industry and the nation.

Cyber Assessment Test

The Cyber Assessment Tool allows you to test your current detection capabilities against some of the most prominent cyber threats. You can see the results of the simulations in real time and download a report including attack indicators. By searching for the given indicators in your security systems, you can determine which of the emulated attacks could pose a threat to your network in a real-world scenario.