Collective Defense

Cyber criminals are continuing to organize and grow — into groups, syndicates and national and international networks. And their attacks are evolving faster than most organizations can manage alone.

What if you didn’t have to defend alone?

Scale and advance your cyber capabilities with collective defense.

“As commander of US Cyber Command, one of the issues I saw was that we couldn’t see attacks in cyber against our nation. So the government’s response was always that of incident response — after the attack. We wanted to come up with a way to help companies stop the attacks before something bad happened, not after. IronNet was created to help fill that void.”

General (Ret.) Keith B. – Alexander, IronNet Chairman and Co-CEO, former Director of the U.S. National Security Agency
and Founding Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command

Why collective defense?

Traditional cyber defense approaches aren’t working. Even organizations with elite cybersecurity programs don’t have the visibility into incoming threats or the response capabilities they need.

With a collective defense approach, threats are detected by one and blocked by all. As a member of a collective defense “dome,” you benefit from the threats that are detected, scored and shared real-time.

To better understand the current challenges and strategies among senior cybersecurity executives, IronNet commissioned Vanson Bourne to interview 200 US security IT decision makers from various industries. Learn more about their top concerns in the threat landscape and how collective defense can help counter those threats in our latest white paper.

How does it work?

Behavior analytics: IronDefense, IronNet’s network traffic analysis solution, captures anonymized data from a customer’s network and applies advanced behavioral analysis to detect advanced threats.

Scoring and sharing: Threats are scored with IronNet’s Expert System, which automates expert tradecraft analysis of detected anomalies, optimizing cyber resources.

Real-time sharing: Threats are then shared within IronNet’s IronDome environment and correlated across industry peers to identify sector-wide campaigns that would be difficult to detect in isolation. Notification of these correlations is provided in real-time to IronDome participants.

Con Edison protects customers with IronDome

As an energy delivery company serving more than 11 million people in New York, Con Edison sees cybersecurity as its top enterprise risk.

“The value proposition associated with the Dome is it’s not just about Con Edison, it’s about the entire sector – and other sectors – that are at risk from a cyber attack. Understanding what’s going on in those networks compared to ours makes us collectively stronger and better able to mitigate those risks.”

– Manny Cancel, VP and CIO of ConEdison

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It’s time for a shared strategy to combat a shared threat. Contribute to – and benefit from – a collective defense approach. Ready to see for yourself?