IronNet Proof of Value Program

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The goal of an IronDefense Proof of Value is to give you a clear picture of how you can improve your overall security posture with advanced network threat detection through behavioral analysis.

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See how IronDefense can help you:

Reduce the impact
of an attack

Our behavioral analytics quickly find a baseline in your environment in order to better detect anomalous behavior. These analytics are curated based on the Cyber Kill Chain, aiming at reducing dwell time in your environment and providing the broadest visibility to unknown threats. This combined with sharing insight and intelligence around threats improves your mean time to triage (MTTR) alerts.

Improve the effectiveness
of your cybersecurity

IronNet’s Expert System, our scoring and prioritizing system built by career offensive and defensive operators, leverages operational intelligence to prioritize critical events and improve team productivity. Additionally, our Cyber Threat Emulation exercise identifies gaps in the deployments of existing cyber solutions, enabling optimization of your investments.

Position yourself for
greater visibility into your
threat landscape

As suspicious and malicious threats discovered by IronDefense are shared with IronDome participants, analysts can quickly identify and be notified of attack behavior within their environment, empowering them with additional early-warning signals of new threats.

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IronNet experts are available to conduct a full IronDefense Proof of Value, from wherever you may be.
Here’s what you can expect:

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Speak with IronNet experts to plan your IronNet Proof of Value engagement today. See for yourself how you can increase the efficiency of your cyber operations and improve your overall security posture.