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IronDome is the industry’s first collective defense solution. IronDome takes the behavioral intelligence derived from identified cyber anomalies in IronDefense and shares it across an industry sector to deliver machine-speed visibility of potential threat campaigns targeting participant industry peers. Using IronDome, security analysts with shared interests can work together in near-real-time to collaboratively defend their enterprises.

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IronDome Benefits

IronDome delivers real-time visibility to potentially malicious behavioral anomalies across industry sectors, allowing enterprises to collectively defend against cyber threats targeting their industry.

Existing Threat
Sharing Platforms

Current threat sharing platforms focus solely on signature-based indicators and need to be shared manually after a lengthy period of investigation, remediation, and legal review.

Enhanced Automation

IronDome automates the sharing of behaviors across the kill chain, greatly reducing adversarial dwell time.

  • Advanced Threat Detection

    IronDome’s ability to correlate behaviors across industry peers enables members to identify tactics that can indicate industry-specific threat campaigns.

  • Industry-Level Visibility

    Raw intelligence across an industry is shared with all members, providing an up to the minute view of cyber activity across an industry sector.

  • Improved Detection Speed

    IronDefense instances across an industry automatically share identified anomalies and higher order analysis via IronDome to greatly improve individual participants’ detection capabilities and speed.

  • Collective Response

    Anonymously shares peer analysis of identified threats, enabling members to respond to threat campaigns at an industry or national level.

IronDome Features

IronDome automatically analyzes and shares pre-triaged behavioral event data between members to deliver unprecedented industry level visibility and risk mitigation.
  • Public/Private Intelligence Sharing

    Anonymously summarizes participant events and runs analytics to deliver cyber situational awareness and threat insights across the industry to member organizations.

  • Automated
    Machine-Speed Sharing

    Reduces the need for manual information sharing to deliver rich sector specific threat insights and timely threat analysis about company-specific cyber events at network speed.

  • Community
    Risk Scoring

    Leverages threat insights and triaged results from participants to inform local IronDefense risk assessment, improving detection outcomes for all participants.

  • Cross Sector

    IronDome participants can customize IronDome memberships as needed to build cross-sector, supply chain, or any other types of sharing configurations to meet their security needs.

How It Works

IronDome creates a communication support network that identifies attacks as they evolve. All members are anonymously notified of anomalies identified by participating companies through their IronDefense local instances and are told how prevalent this particular behavior is within the industry and the risk it poses for the enterprise.

  • IronDefense events are automatically shared with IronDome as they are detected. These events are correlated across industry peers to identify sector-wide adversarial campaigns.

  • Real-time notifications are provided to IronDome participants, noting correlations and information about how peers assess the threat.

  • If suspicious behaviors are detected in any member enterprise, IronDome shares a proactive warning to all participating organizations.

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