IronNet Products

Modernize Cyber Defenses
to Meet the Threat

IronNet provides advanced cybersecurity solutions that deliver nation-state-level defensive capabilities to secure enterprises and governments against advanced threats. Our products provide high-fidelity detection and visibility that enable enterprises to deploy an advanced persistent defense to mitigate cyber risk in their environments and across their industry sector.


IronDefense is a network traffic analysis platform that delivers scalable network behavioral analytics, integrated packet-level cyber hunt, and the application of tradecraft expertise to detect advanced threats often missed by existing commercial cybersecurity solutions.


IronDome is the industry’s first collective defense solution that links industry peers, third-party suppliers, and other stakeholders into a collective defense infrastructure. With IronDome, adversarial tactics used against any member are anonymously shared, improving threat detection, risk mitigation, threat visibility, and real-time situational awareness for all members.

Proven Efficacy

All IronNet solutions are tested against the latest adversarial techniques. We use rigorous, repeatable evaluations of threat detection performance against real-world scenarios in the high-volume traffic conditions of enterprise networks. This systematic and scientific approach ensures high detection precision and sensitivity, avoiding the high rates of missed detection and false-positives that impact the effectiveness of existing security solutions.

What Customers Say

“As we look to defend our estate as it integrates with various cloud environments, we were impressed by IronNet’s capabilities, especially in side by side testing with other analytic and detection platforms in the market today. We’re pleased to be working with IronNet on their next-generation cyber initiatives, including more real-time collective defense models.”

-Richard Puckett | VP for Security Operations, Strategy & Architecture at Thomson Reuters

“The IronNet team’s real-world experience combating the toughest cyber threats is simply unparalleled… their contributions to helping our company protect our customers’ data have been invaluable.”

-Vadim B. | VP of Technology, National Mortgage Lender

“The speed [of the IronNet platform] is better than anything I have seen on the market. Scoring and advanced calculations, no one is able to do that at the speed IronNet can.”

- Fortune 10 Cybersecurity Executive

“IronNet has the most talented set of cybersecurity professionals of any cyber company we have worked with.”

- Fortune 100 C-Level Executive

“IronNet is helping me save over $250,000 a year by not hiring more cyber analysts.”

- Fortune 200 Financial Services Executive