Financial Services

The financial services industry is the backbone that sustains the global economy. As a result, the financial services industry remains one of the most highly targeted sectors of all the critical industries. Threats range from nation-states that aim to disrupt economic activity to criminals looking for financial gain to insiders knowingly or unknowingly committing crimes.

Balancing Cyber Risk With Innovation and Growth

Our team understands the role innovation plays in financial services enterprises. All financial institutions must strike a balance between the adoption of new technologies and business practices while remaining secure. That is why we work with some of the most high-profile financial services organizations to help them secure their global enterprises. We provide their security centers with the tools to identify known and unknown threats within their enterprise and across their ecosystems of business partners. With IronNet products, financial partners can ensure innovative, comprehensive security when it matters most.

“As we look to defend our estate as it integrates with various cloud environments, we were impressed by IronNet’s capabilities, especially in side-by-side testing with other analytic and detection platforms in the market today. We’re pleased to be working with IronNet on their next-generation cyber initiatives, including more real-time collective defense models.”

– Richard Puckett, VP for Security Operations, Strategy and Architecture at Thomson Reuters

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