Network Traffic Analysis.
Collective Defense for AWS.

The new AWS Amazon VPC traffic mirroring provides IronNet customers with the following benefits:

  • Advanced behavioral detection for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and on-premise networks
  • Applied tradecraft expertise that prioritizes threats by risk to organization
  • Powerful packet-level cyber threat hunting in AWS VPCs (virtual private clouds)
  • Visibility of campaign level threats targetings AWS and on-premise networks with IronDome

How It Works

IronDefense leverages sensors (IronSensors) to analyze network traffic across any number of AWS virtual private cloud networks using Amazon VPC traffic mirroring. IronSensors are highly scalable and will automatically meet any ingestion need based on the aggregate traffic volume, up to the maximum rated specifications of the deployed IronSensor instance.

What Customers Say

“IronNet has been a critical partner that has continually provided us with leading-edge cyber security solutions that help our company protect our massive cloud environments,” said Richard Puckett, VP for Security Operations, Thomson Reuters. “The ability to monitor Amazon VPC traffic is a welcome new addition that will take IronNet’s network traffic analysis and collective defense capabilities to the next level, and we are pleased to team with IronNet and AWS to use  the new Amazon VPC traffic mirroring capability to mitigate advanced cyber risk to our core cloud infrastructure.”

-Richard Puckett | VP for Security Operations, Strategy & Architecture at Thomson Reuters

“Traffic visibility is a critical and foundational element to helping AWS customers keep infrastructure safe and functional,” said Dave Brown, Vice President – EC2 Compute & Networking Services, Amazon Web Services. “IronNet’s ability to ingest Amazon VPC traffic mirroring and apply advanced network detection across customers’ AWS and on-premise environments, delivers an important solution to help them defend against cyber threats targeting cloud environments.”

-Dave Brown, Vice President – EC2 Compute & Networking Services, Amazon Web Services


Press Release

IronNet Teams with Amazon Web Services to Deliver Cloud-Native Network Traffic Analysis.


IronDefense and IronDome Support for AWS Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring.


Identify advanced threats that are designed to evade even the best network and endpoint security products.