Standard packages

Feature Comparisons

IronNet Professional and Enterprise packages comprise of both IronDefense and IronDome and includes installation, maintenance, configuration services and customer support. IronDome Free Trial includes only IronDome and select traffic analysis capabilities.

IronDome Free TrialIronNet ProfessionalIronNet Enterprise
Deployment & Sizing    
Flow Records (Logs/Day)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max Analytical Throughput 1, 3, or 5 Gbps10, 20, or >20 Gbps
Network Ingest Sensors 
AWS Traffic Mirroring Ingest Sensor 
Bring Your Own Sensor Contact IronNetContact IronNet
IronDome Collective Defense    
MembershipGeneralIndustryIndustry, Cross-Industry
Detection Analysis NotificationsHigh Risk OnlyAllAll
Industry ReportsWeeklyWeeklyWeekly
Traffic Analysis    
Application ProtocolsDNS, HTTP OnlyAllAll
Malicious Beaconing (DNS/HTTP)
Malicious DNS Tunneling
Malicious Domain C2 Detection
Credential Leakage Detection
Post-Click Phishing Detection
Data Exfiltration Detection 
Malicious Reconnaissance Detection 
Unsupervised Behavioral Analysis 
Deep Learning Behavioral Analysis 
SSL/TLS Encrypted Traffic Behavioral Analysis 
Critical Asset Monitoring 
Lateral Movement Analysis  
Orchestration, Enrichments, Analysis      
Contextual Data Enrichments
Custom Data and Threat Intel Enrichments   
Reporting & Integration      
Threat ReportsWeeklyDailyDaily
On-Demand Reports 
SIEM Integration Splunk, QRadar, ArcSightSplunk, QRadar, ArcSight
Data Connectors Syslog, OpenAPISyslog, OpenAPI
Cyber Threat Hunt    
IronFlow Network Metadata Hunt 
Full-PCAP Forensic Analysis On-Premise or Cloud Network TrafficOn-Premise or Cloud Network Traffic
IronFlow Retention 72-Hours72-Hours
PCAP Retention 72-Hours72-Hours
Cyber Hunt Services      
CyOC Alert Monitoring Standard Business Hours24×7
CyOC Threat Hunting Additional CostIncluded
Weekly Threat Reports & Hunt Queries Additional CostIncluded
Customer Success & Support Services    
Support TypeEmail SupportGeneral SupportTailored Support
Support MethodEmail-OnlyEmail, PhoneDedicated Customers Success Manager
Response Time3 Business DaysStandard Business Hours24×7