Free Trial Membership to IronDome

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For a limited time, IronNet is offering a free trial membership to IronDome, the industry’s first real-time, automated collective defense system. IronDome helps companies apply defensive economies of scale to identify active threats faster and more efficiently than traditional cyber defense solutions. 

IronDome free trials start in September 2019 and is limited to the first 100 companies who sign up for the trial. Register for your free trial today!

Customers who register for the free trial will receive:

• Identification of potential cyber threats from HTTP and DNS traffic origination from your network

• Correlation of your HTTP and DNS traffic against behavioral anomalies identified in the billions of daily global network flows from a community of companies serving more than 100 million customers

• Weekly reports of the top active cyber threats targeting IronDome’s community of participants

• Immediate notification of high-risk threats identified in your network

Benefits to IronDome include:

• Improved detection of true positive emerging threats

• Broader visibility to developing and cascading threat scenarios

• Augments existing cyber investments by leveraging the same cyber defense technology used by the largest and most sophisticated organizations – in the world. 

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