Cyber Industry Event
IronNet - ISE Cocktails and Conversations, Mid-Atlantic
June 9, 2020

Cyber attackers have relentlessly continued to exploit gaps in security programs—even as organizations are making massive investments in cyber defense. Security teams struggle to keep up with the speed of innovative cyberattacks, let alone get ahead of them. Moreover, threat actors are gaining power through collaboration and are constantly evolving their strategies. We have witnessed reported coordination between 2016 U.S. election hackers, the rise of cyber mercenary groups and threat sourcing by nation-state actors—making current tensions with Iran a top-of-mind issue for many cyber leaders. No company can stand alone against a modern, collaborative ecosystem of cyber threats. To defend against these constantly evolving threats, we need to employ a collective defense strategy by adopting a new method of defense that applies behavioral detection and enables companies to benefit from shared detection.

Join our virtual conversation as we discuss strategies for adopting collective defense across organizations and examine how we can defend against “imminent” attacks by nation-states and cyber criminals.